Kentech offers IT solutions that makes your life easier! Services include:

  • Repairs to: Cellphones and Tablets (LCD‘s, battery replacements, other components)
  • Repairs to: Laptops, Desktops and Macbooks
  • Assistance with damage reports for insurance claims
  • Installation and Setup support of any new TECH device: PC, Handheld, Network appliance, TV, Live Streaming devices (Netflix, Showmax)
  • Seamless transfer of info and apps from old device to new; whether from Android to Apple or to Windows or any combination thereof
  • Provide quick support with alternative options to reestablish an internet connection that’s down
  • Complete and thorough diagnostics of computers to provide the best upgrade solutions for more efficient operation
  • Quick and easy cloning of Hard Disk drives to and from Solid state Drives
  • Able to assist in upgrading your operating system, backing up important information and setting up reliable cloud solutions to store information
  • Will offer a great range of cable’s, converters, routers, extenders and networking tools. Please send a inquiry if you don’t see something you need on our site, depending on stock we can order and deliver within 3 working days max